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Manufacturing Pump Parts for Centrifugal Pumps

About Quality Pump Parts, Inc.

Quality Pump Parts, Inc. is an independent manufacturer of replacement pump parts for centrifugal pumps. We manufacture pump parts for ANSI, API, Boiler Feed, Wastewater Treatment, Pulp and Paper, and Process Pumps.

The Kind of Parts We Make

The standard wear items: Shafts, Sleeves, Rings, Impellers, Casings, and Stuffing Box Covers.
The other parts: Glands, Bearing Housings, Frames, Frame Adapters, Frame Feet, and Casing Feet.
We manufacture or can supply every component necessary to manufacture the entire pump.

The O.E.M. Manufacturers That We Replicate

ITT Goulds Pumps which includes Allis Chalmers, ITT A-C, Goulds, Marlow,and Morris brands of pumps.

Flowserve which includes Byron Jackson, BWIP, Cameron, Dresser Pacific, Dresser Worthington, Duriron, Durco, IDP, Ingersoll Rand, Pacific, United Centrifugal Western Land Roller, and WorThington brands of pumps.

Sulzer which includes Bingham Willamette, Sulzer Bingham, and Sulzer brands of pumps.

In addition to the major manufacturers, we also supply parts for Aurora, Dean Brothers, David Browne Union, Fairbanks Morse and Peerless brands of pumps.

Special Service

Quality Pump Parts, Inc. reverse engineers parts from customers' samples. When the Original Equipment  Manufacturer no longer supports a pump, we will custom manufacture your part.

Our Commitment

Quality Pump Parts, Inc. is committed to providing the best quality product, for the most competitive price without sacrificing quality. Our thirty one year experience in manufacturing Replacement Pump Parts guarantees our customers a reliable replication of their part.


Sulzer, Bingham Willamette, Flowserve, Byron Jackson, ITT, Goulds, Dean Brothers, Hayward Tyler, IDP, Ingersoll Rand, Dresser, Pacific, Peerless, David Browne, Union, United Centrifugal, Wilson Synder, Worthington, Allis Chalmers, Aurora, Fairbanks Morse, Morris, BWIP, Duriron, Durco, Western Land Roller are Trademarks and Tradenames of their prospective Corporations or owners. We do not imply that we make parts or distribute parts for these Corporations.


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Toll Free: 800-426-9951

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